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Campus Ministries at Appalachian State University

Alliance College Connection
Josh Hayes (
New Life Ministries
Darrell Roberts ( 
Appalachian Wesley Foundation
Brad Farrington ( 
Reformed University Fellowship 
Carissa Waller (
Brett Joseph (    

Church in the Harvest  
Scott Kilby (
Anna Kilby (

Presbyterian Episcopal Campus Ministry
Stephanie Hankins (    
Corey Kundert (
Campus Christian Fellowship
Jim Musser (    
Collegians for Christ 
Tim Kirby (    
Mark Valentine (

Engage Student Ministries
Anthony Brumfield (

Catholic Campus Ministry
Erin Kotlowski (

Ratio Christi  
Aaron Israel (    

InterVarsity Christian 
Andrew Bowen (
Campus Rock
Tiffany Christian (

Lutheran Students of Appalachian
Stacey Troisi (


All of the above campus ministries are members of the Appalachian Spiritual Life Association (ASLA)

The Appalachian Spiritual Life Association seeks to promote a spiritual climate in which all members of the University community - students, faculty, and staff - have the freedom and opportunity to practice their respective faiths, to worship in accordance with their individual concerns, to inquire about religious problems and interests, and to work together on common concerns.

ASLA encourages each group to conduct religious activities in its own name according to its theological principles and practice. ASLA also acts as a coordinating body to assist religious persons and groups to relate to the greater Boone community's agencies of social concerns.

ASLA operates on the basis of mutual trust and respect. We support a variety of religious activities, and rejoice in the religious plurality of ASU. We are opposed to religious harassment and affirm the roles of personal freedom, doubt, and open critical reflection in healthy religious growth.